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In any business large numbers work a lot. And Internet business is not an exception to this rule. A logic chain is quite simple: the more traffic is the more potential clients are, the more acquired clients are the more sales and the more profit is.

Therefore, when the website has been completed and has been already placed in the network, the main task now is to attract visitors. The right web marketing in UAE is able to increase the performance of the business greatly.

Many people believe that web marketing Dubai it is the increasing of its position in the search engine. The more often and above Yandex and Google show the link in the resource, the more people will switch to it. Yes, this is exactly the type of the traffic flow that plays a major role. It is normal and correct when most of the clients come from search engine.

But there are many other ways to tell about your company on the Internet. Many of them are as effective and profitable ones as a natural web marketing in UAE. Why not to take advantage of all the possibilities?

Below we will discuss the most popular non-search" sources of traffic for commercial resource.


web marketing in uae


"Google Plus";


"Face book";


Their audience has been already measured in millions. Many people that are "living in networks" do not visit search engines at all. Their morning begins with watching the news in their favorite social networks, at work they often exchange messages with their friends and in the evening they play the "farm" or other popular game applications. This is a huge segment of the audience who might never visit your website from search engines.

Web marketing in Dubai with the help of social networks can be accessed by three ways:

With the help of advertising in other thematic groups.

there is an announcement with the reference to your project, which is demonstrated only to people who are interested in it.


Web marketing Dubai with the help of contextual advertising is paid ads in the systems of Yandex, Google Adwords, Begun.

These ads are relevant to the needs of the people, i.e. they advertise exactly what the man was looking for a couple of minutes ago. Contextual advertising is often used in the initial stages, when SEO hasn't yielded the results yet. Also it will help where search engine promotion site in Kazakhstan is impossible due to the strong competition and high cost.

Other kinds of attraction traffic to the site:

Banner is a small ad, supplemented by a miniature picture. It is a static or a dynamic graphic image. Today, these materials can be placed on a large number of advertising sites.

It is when someone is logged in as your partner and receives a referral link to attract visitors to your website. If it leads that someone comes from their link, pays you money, a certain percentage of the amount will go to the partner.

Can all these methods completely replace the classic search engine promotion?

Sometimes they can. But in most cases you should use them as a supplement to SEO. They can significantly enhance the flow of traffic to the site. Address to the professionals of our company, we will carry out comprehensive solution.

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